High Yield Investment Programs - running stats on successful sites.
Tabulated daily data allows the investor to judge the health of a program and how long to risk an investment.


High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP) - Stats

Statistics taken from the HYIP sites help to decide on the investment plan to use.

Sample date / time GMT - the date and time (Greenwich Mean Time) I took the stats 'snapshot'
Day - the number of days the site has been running. I don't usually catch the programs start.
Mem - the number of active members in the program. New money!
Total Deposit - includes reinvestment so only a proportion is new money coming in.
Today Deposit - includes reinvestments and varies wildly depending on when I take the stats.
Total withdraw - but not actually paid yet as some may be pending manual review
Paid Out - monies withdrawn and paid automatically - usually within minutes.
PAYING     - I have been paid in the last 48 hours.

Not all sites have the same stats and some publish none at all.
Profits shown are the lowest returns for each site. Profit % increases with the amounts staked.
Most sites talk of 150% profit when 100% of that is your investment and so 50% is what I call profit.


ProfitBay started 1st.April2008 and pays 24% daily for 5 days giving a total return of 120% which is a net profit of 20%. Deposits from $1 to $5,000 using Egold or Liberty Reserve e-money.

Sample date / time GMT Day Mem
Total Deposit
Paid out
1/4/08 23:45 start delayed - LR down
2/4/08 22:35
3/4/08 23:35
4/4/08 23:55 no payouts?
5/4/08 23:55
6/4/08 11:55 no weekend payouts?
7/4/08 11:25 looks like it has closed


Go here for statistics on old sites that have stopped paying out. Valuable historical data.
High Yield Investment Programs ( HYIP ) are also high risk if you don't get in early and don't pay attention to their progress. I hope the above info will help others to be aware of the risks as well as the rewards. Never invest more than you can afford to loose.

HYIP 'games' are where the program stops when withdrawals reach about 90% of deposits.
Crucial to deposit in a 1 day plan within the first few hours of launch. Withdraw immediately it matures and wait a day for payment.

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