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Earn money from home - the tools you need

 Open FREE Internet banking accounts to receive payment.

Generally, the Internet trades in US dollars wherever you are in the world and payment through an online service is a more economic way of exchanging dollars to your local currency than paying in a cheque to your bank. Many affiliate programs require you to have an online account from one of the major services so it is prudent to join them all. You can also pay on line for services like web site hosting and purchases at auctions for instance. They are free to join.

Join PayPal here, one of the biggest. You will need to give credit card details - see here.

SolidTrustPay is very popular and very secure and also can be funded by plastic once verified.

AlertPay , now called Payza, easy to fund from a credit card or bank account.

E-gold was another popular payment service, especially with investment programs, but fell foul of the US banking laws and stopped taking new accounts in 2009. Liberty Reserve is the same.

E-Bullion and Stormpay seem to be in a state of flux at present and closed for now.

 Disposable email addresses.

Get a free email address from Inbox to use and keep your main address for private use and spam free(-er!). They have recently increased your space to 2Gb or 5Gb, depending on your country, but it still pays to keep your Inbox tidy. Good housekeeping!
Make a folder called, say, 'Keep', and put in there all emails with your sign-up details for programs you have joined. It will be easier for you to keep your Inbox clear and avoid deleting important information by mistake.

Zwallet, a previous choice, seems to have stopped working for me and others.

  A dedicated credit card for the Internet

Get another credit card for internet use only and keep the limit low. Using plastic online is in fact safer than using it in a restaurant but it helps to keep your online finances separate, so check with your existing card supplier for a second account or go to this page for detailed information

  FREE speed check of your broadband connection

Use SpeedTest

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