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Foreign Exchange (Forex) Dealings

Imagine if you could buy foreign currency at $1.0015 and sell at $1.0020. But that is only a fraction of a cent, you might say. Yes, but if you bought and sold a million dollars then that difference could represent $500. Or if you think the price is dropping you could sell 'short' and buy later and make a profit on a falling market. If you get it right it is a 'win win' situation.

The Forex market place is not controlled to the same extent as the Stock Market or the Futures Market so you need to be extra cautious where you do your trading. If you actually have millions of dollars in your bank you wouldn't be on this page. If you have $20,000 plus to risk then you can deal from a strong position. If you have less available then you need to work through a broker catering for people with a similar stake.

The Forex market is full of statisticians who have devised 'foolproof' algorithms to predict when to buy and when to sell. There are plenty of ideas to choose from but the best is to be kept well informed of financial and political events.

A window shows current news releases from all over the world every minute and another window shows net profit or loss on each trade in real time with a graph of the price. Each trade takes a fraction of a second to complete.

If you are away from your computer you can be alerted by SMS to your mobile phone.

Sign up for a 20 day demo program to test your skills at real time Forex trading. A valuable experience for free!

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Example of earning with Forex

There are many Forex prediction sites and some give a free 'taster' of their abilities for you to 'try before you buy' their more comprehensive advice. Here is a link to one prediction site...

EasyForex broker will let you trade with only $100 deposit and a 1% leverage but in practice you will need ten or twenty times more to give yourself some trading 'elbow room'
Trade with the best.
Forex trading involves substantial risk of loss, and may not be suitable for everyone.


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