Free to Join. Get paid from banner advertising. $50 payout monthly.
CPM rates - your visitor only has to see the banner on your page for you to get paid.

You WILL need to come back here.

CPM advertising for your pages

In a hurry for info? Summary of details below:-

•  SiteScout
•  $50 payout - by PayPal or cheque
•  $5+ cpm rate for interstitials; 15c cpm for 468 x 60 pixel banners
•  I was paid regularly by the previous company Adbrite.

Once you have signed up and your web site approved, you pick up your html code for the ads and copy the code into your pages where you wish the ad to appear. They need to be positioned 'above the fold', that is, positioned so that the ad is visible when your page loads and without scrolling down the page.

Banner only cpm (impressions per 1000 page views) is at the rate of about 15c cpm but that is still a good cpm rate for a 468x60 pixel banner with no popups or popunders attached and no adult content. The visitor just has to see the banner - no clicking to get paid. The rate varies a bit as it is dependent on the revenue paid to Compact Banner.

You can also set up default ads so that if a visitor does not qualify to be shown a paying ad then the visitor will be shown another ad of your choice, usually another Advertising Agency you belong to.

Very simple to join and on an average site it will pay for your hosting ++.

Good stats to see what you're earning daily and the current cpm rates.

Step 1 - Choose Products - Through a single snippet of HTML, AdBrite can serve any combination of the following ad formats: * Text and banner ads with customizable layout * Active Interstitials – A high-paying full-screen ad on the third pageview of your site, shown only once per user per day

Step 2 - Attract advertisers - Anyone visiting your site can buy an ad directly on your site by clicking “Your Ad Here.” You’ll also be listed in the AdBrite marketplace, and represented by their in-house sales staff.

Step 3 - Control - You can choose to review each ad before it appears on your site. You can set the price for ads bought directly on your site. You can even have AdBrite show another ad network (your Google AdSense ads, Burst, etc.) if they can’t meet your minimum revenue requirement.

For advertisers, AdBrite supports the following ad formats:

* Text ads - Cost per click (CPC). Cost per action (CPA) available for qualifying advertisers

* Banner ads - Cost per thousand impressions (CPM)

* Active interstitials - Your site, full-screen, directly in front of your target audience. Cost per thousand impressions (CPM)

Target customers with precision using their real-time traffic estimator. Instantly see how much traffic they have, based on your targeting criteria, and place your bid.

* Content categories
* Keywords
* Demographics
* Geography

You will need to open a PayPal bank account to receive payment.




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