Summary:- Pictures of sailing yachts with a down wind Trades rig using aluminium masts, polyester and terylene rope and sails, Autohelm and Garmin gps and navigational instruments.
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sy. Alma

This 40 foot ketch is fitted with a twizzle rig for down wind sailing. The twizzle rig proved its value on a recent 5000+ mile voyage.

My one and only experience of the twizzle rig that I wish to share with others that may want to employ a similar rig on their boat.

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sy Alma off Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
Looking up the luff of the twizzle rig
Another shot of Alma off Brazil with twizzle jibs rolled up
Universal joint v1.1 in use from Canaries to Brazil - before second jib furler fitted



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The amazing, world circling, Walker Wingsail, 45' tri Angel B off Brazil with Arth at the portable helm to starboard.
Angel B's bridge. She sailed in company with Alma from Knysna to Brazil and gybed downwind.
My old 1870 Emma about to gybe with a gaff spinnaker set. A light airs and flat water running rig!
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