Summary:- A 40 foot sailing ketch yacht with a down wind twizzle rig or twistle rig for ocean voyages using spars by Sailspar, rope by Marlow, Marlowbraid, fittings and blocks by Harken, furling gear by Plastimo, Sailspar or other equal proven gear, North and Quantum polyester and terylene jib sails
What is a Twizzle Rig?
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Why use a Twizzle ( Twistle ) Rig?

a) no chafe
b) easy to reef
c) damps rolling
d) can be trimmed through 120 degrees
e) can be rigged to be used close hauled

Larger picture of twizzle rig

What is a Twizzle Rig?

A twin foresail rig for broad reaching or running.
Two jibs sewn into a common luff tape and hoisted up the foil of a furling gear.
The clews poled out.
The inboard ends of the poles clipped to a universal joint suspended in front of the mast.
Port and starboard jib sheets run aft through the normal gear.



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What experience of the Twizzle Rig?

We sailed over 5,000 miles recently and the majority of the time with the twizzle rig set in trade wind sailing.

The skipper set the rig up in the Canaries for the trip to Rio de Janeiro after realising the need for a dedicated downwind rig on the trip from Portugal to the Canaries (which I also crewed on)

On that voyage, the main chafed through in a few days when rubbing on the shrouds and fore deck work in strong winds was hazardous.

After reading magazine articles, the skipper bought a similar jib to the existing No.1 and sewed them together. He also made a pair of poles from aluminium tube with spinnaker pole end fittings and had made a stainless steel universal joint. This universal joint was modified with experience and finally discarded in favour of a simple rope crucifix.


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