Summary:- Where to find an unsecured loan and what can I use an unsecured loan for


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unsecured loans.

A signature loan that is not backed by collateral or assets.

A loan where the lender has no entitlement to any of the borrower's assets if the borrower fails to make the loan repayments.

As can be expected, an unsecured loan carries a higher interest rate, about 14% more than a secured loan, and more in line with credit card rates.

Frankly, to be avoided if possible. Expensive money.

Before approaching anyone for a business loan, it is essential to make up a business plan in a format that can be easily read by the prospective source of funds.
It is important for the main facts to be brief but complete and supported by further documentation if required.
A business plan that resembles a short novel full of hype is not the way to attract backers.
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