Summary:- Where to find a business loan when I am a professional, partner, consultant or other self employed


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self employed loans.

If you are an individual who operates a business or profession as a sole proprietor, partner in a partnership, independent contractor, or consultant, you are considered to be self-employed.

The loan rate hinges on whether you have certified accounts or no proof of income in the way that employed people have.

Another factor is whether you go for a secured or unsecured self-employed loan. Whether you offer your house as security on the loan or not.

Self-employed loans used to be difficult to find and expensive. However, with more people working for themselves, self employed loans are more widely available and more affordable.

If you have an adverse credit history or bad credit rating, such as mortgage arrears, credit card problems or payment defaults, a self-employed loan is available at a price.

Rates vary from 10.9% APR. to 27.60% APR with an average around 17.5% APR.


Before approaching anyone for a business loan, it is essential to make up a business plan in a format that can be easily read by the prospective source of funds.
It is important for the main facts to be brief but complete and supported by further documentation if required.
A business plan that resembles a short novel full of hype is not the way to attract backers.
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