Summary:- How to finance a company with business loans and the sequence to raise business capital


the home flowchart

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a loan is ...

... an arrangement in which a lender gives money to a borrower, and the borrower agrees to repay the money, along with interest, at some future date. There is an agreed time for repaying the loan, and the lender has to cover the risk that the borrower may not repay the loan.
Expect to pay a significant interest on the loan and/or a large slice of your company. There are no 'free meals'.

funding flowchart

the sequence to finance a business ...

good business idea =
market research +
prototype design +
business plan
get cash  
 •sell assets
 •bank overdraft
 •credit cards
+ 25k  friends & family
  private loans
home owner
 secured loan
no assets
 unsecured loan
bad history?
 bad credit loan
+ 25k  business
develop design
& market +
trade for 6 months
maintain liquidity
 factor invoices
+ 50k  seed capital   investment
trade for 18 months
+ 100k  venture capital   investment
specific projects
trade for 6 months
+ 800k  bank loans   government
trade for 18 months
+ 2m  stock market   float company


popular types of funding ...

• self employed loans. more...

• private loans, friends and family. more...

• business angels. more...

• seed capital. more...

• venture capital. more...

• unsecured loans. more...

• bridging loans. more...

• banks - secured loans. more...

• bad credit loans. more...

• government schemes ...
    uk - small firm loan guarantees

• government grants. more...


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